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✔ Automate tasks

✔ Respond to events

✔ Send automatic notifications

✔ Bulk import or process data

✔ Create custom backend functionalities using code editors


Gift Card Factory

✔ Bulk import and update gift cards

✔ Refunds on gift cards

✔ Send to friend and schedule for future delivery from PDP

✔ Flow integration

✔ Gift card usage reporting


Bundle Factory

✔ Four different types of bundles

✔ Checkout integration

✔ Automatic inventory adjustments

✔ Easy to customize UI

✔ Automatic discount application

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1000+ installations

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Customize without code

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Regular updates

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Super fast performance

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Outstanding support

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Mateusz Antczak

Founder Code57


Excellent 5 of 5 stars rating

Based on real users reviews

Gift Card Factory is really helpful, and a great addition to the customer experience.
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United States
The team at Gift Card Factory have been extremely helpful in expanding and enhancing upon the standard Gift Card solution that is offered by Shopify.
profile, user, internet-42914.jpg
Sarah & Sebastian
This app is priceless. It's saved 100's of hours of code creation and editing.
profile, user, internet-42914.jpg
United States
We do quite a few gift cards a month and the ability to bulk import them so easily is amazing. Truly a time saver worth the cost. Support is also really great. Anytime I have had a question they are great to respond.
profile, user, internet-42914.jpg
United States
DataJet is a great app to use. Mat helped with everything regarding setup, AMAZING customer service! We are now fully automated with our 3PL FTP. Receiving order fulfillment, tracking and all information is seamless! We definitely recommend this app!
profile, user, internet-42914.jpg
Hush & Hush
United States
Great App and a outstanding support from Mateusz. He just helped us out with everthing we needed. With this app and the support we reached a fully automated workflow for order fullfillment with tracking-information and everything is working fine.
profile, user, internet-42914.jpg

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